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May 16, 2018


Engineer-turned-artist Wiwat Kamolpornwijit uses polymer clay in his contemporary jewelry designs.

The artist/designer: Kamolpornwijit grew up in Thailand, where he attended an engineering college. He moved to the US to attend graduate school at New Jersey Institute of Technology and worked as an environmental researcher at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee for six years. At fund-raising activity for his temple in 2004, he started playing with polymer clay. Three years later he opted to pursue his art/craft full time. Kamolpornwijit lives in Alexandria, Va.

The goods & materials: Super lightweight jewelry made from polymer clay, silver, and beads.

The process: The artist hand forms each piece of polymer clay and uses several techniques, including caning, engraving, weaving and layering in the designs. All colors are the original colors of clay (no paint is applied). Beads and wires are added to complement the clay work.

What’s popular: Designs in black and white (under $100). Also earrings ($35 to $195) and necklaces ($45 to $700).

Claim to fame: Exhibited for the first time at the 2018 Smithsonian Craft Show in May 2018 in Washington, DC.

Fun (or unusual) request: When someone asked him to say his name really fast.

Where to buy:


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