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February 15, 2018

Mary Frances Flowers

North Carolina’s Mary Frances Flowers uses a time-honored technique to create her contemporary jewelry designs.

The artist/designer: Flowers grew up in Columbus, GA, and graduated from Wofford College (SC).  She attended Studio Jewelers, a trade school in New York, and then headed to Asheville for a few years. She moved to Raleigh last year.

The company: Mary Frances Flowers Jewelry & Gifts, based in Raleigh, started in 2014.

The goods: Women’s jewelry, men’s goods (cufflinks, tie bars) and, in 2017, ornaments. The collection is made by hand first in wax and then cast in brass, sterling silver, gold plated and solid gold.

What’s popular: The Birch Bark series: the Skinny Birch cuff ($150 to $250); the Skinny Birch necklace ($250 to $565); the Birch cufflinks ($125 to $295); and the Birch tie bar ($75 to $140). Also the Morse code series ($90 to $295), a semi-custom line of bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings that can be encoded with special message in Morse code for a birthday or anniversary.

Other favorites: The Web cuff ($215 to $550) and the Morse code Fin Climbers. The earrings are $250 for a pair in gold.

Fun (or meaningful) requests: From men buying necklaces or bracelets for their wives with the initials or name of a new child in Morse code.

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