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agriculturally chic

March 1, 2017


Growing up in Alabama, Frances “Franny” Kansteiner dreamed of owning a farm. Now she and her husband own Virginia’s Gum Tree Far, where they raise organic sheep and create luxury wool items for you and your home.

The company: Gum Tree Farm began in 1995 in Middleburg Va., when the Kansteiners began raising ultra-fine merino sheep organically, and turning their fleece into wool blankets and garments, including capes and finger-less mittens. Over the years they’ve added knitters and weavers to the farm family and now have a line of sewn products as well.

What’s popular: Capes ($950 to $1,500) and finger-less mittens ($90) in three natural colors: cream, silver and chocolate brown (the color of the sheep).

Other materials: Besides the wool, the farm uses organic cotton as the warp in the woven fabrics. It also hand dyes yarns with natural, plant-based dyes.

Fun farm fact: “Mama Llama”  (below) lives with and protects the sheep from unscheduled visitors, like dogs and coyotes.


Claim to fame: A finalist in both the GARDEN & GUN “Made in the South” Awards 2015 and the Martha Stewart “Made in America” Awards.

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