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carved in stone

January 19, 2017


A self-taught stone sculptor, Stephen Hutchins carves one-of-a-kind stone bowls and sculptures, made mostly from found and salvaged materials.

The artist & background: Hutchins career began in 2004 in the Lakes region of New Hampshire, where his passion for stone led him to architectural stone carving and eventually sculpture. He spent a summer on Whidbey Island in Washington working with the sculptors of the Freeland Art Studio before moving to Tennessee to open his studio.

The company: Hutchins Stoneworks, based in Nashville, produces art, masonry, and stone carvings. It also offers preservation work.

The goods: Free-form stone sculptures from one foot to four feet ($800 to $4,500). Also bowls carved from stones found along rivers, abandoned quarries, construction sites ($70 to $800).

Best sellers: Natural-edged river rock bowls ($75 to 300), especially granites gathered along the Appalachian Mountain range.

Other favorites: Helix-shaped sculptures of various stones and sizes ($600 to $3,500).

Fun request: A birthday gift for a client’s artist sister. Hutchins went out to the100-year-old family farm the sisters grew up on and picked a rock to carve into a bowl.

Claim to fame: Restoring and creating stolen or lost parts of the Nashville City Cemetery. For one task, he carved a ball finial for the family plot of James Robertson, the founder of Nashville.

Where to buy: In Atlanta, at Spotlight on Art at the Trinity School.



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