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September 19, 2016




Virginia blacksmith Corry Blanc draws on old world skills and tradition to craft his heirloom kitchen and home goods.

The founder/designer: Blanc grew up in Dawsonville, north of Atlanta, and discovered metalsmithing shortly after high school when he went to work at his uncle’s metal fabrication company for four years. In 2007, Blanc moved to Charlottesville and worked with a blacksmith (Stokes of England) in nearby Keswick before going out on his own in 2009.

The company: Charlottesville-based Blanc Creatives started in 2011. The small company makes hand-forged carbon steel skillets and hand-crafted home goods.

What’s hot: The10-inch skillet ($225), one of three skillet sizes, is a best seller and sized right for a home kitchen. Also cassoulet pans cassoulets ($260 to $290) in two sizes (10 and 12 inches). Skillets and plan are pre-seasoned and ready to cook with upon delivery.

Other favorites: Hand-shaped wooden spatulas ($65); cutting and charcuterie boards and paddles ($75 to $175).

Where to buy:


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