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August 24, 2016

Christopher Moulder

Since 1993, Atlanta’s Christopher Moulder been designing, fabricating and installing one-of-a-kind lighting sculptures and a line of limited edition lighting fixtures that are both functional and decorative.

The founder/designer: Grew up in Jacksonville, Fla, where the sand, wind, clouds and electrical storms of his childhood influenced his later light work. He studied furniture design in Germany, and in 1997 received his MFA from SCAD in Savannah.

Best sellers: Schproket Pendant crafted from aluminum, nylon and stainless steel and available in silver metallic, red or white ($1,050 to $1,980);  the Schproket Sconce ($700 to $1,740; and the “Rain, Drizzle, Droplet series of a pendant/sconce and chandeliers made from nickel-plate brass bead chain and stainless steel. Prices range from $295 to $6,000, depending on the number of droplets used.

Big break: Winning the Absolut Vodka Furniture competition (1997) with the Absolut Enlightenment Chandelier. This piece, created from Absolut Citron bottles, aluminum and stainless steel, is a conglomeration of Absolut bottles, in the shape of one large Absolut bottle.

Claim to fame: Mammatus, a one-of-a-kind lighting sculpture commissioned by the City of Atlanta for the Arrivals Hall in the International Terminal at the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. Inspired by clouds, the 3,000-pound piece is made with more than eight miles of nickel-plated bead chain.

What’s new: Two new collections: The Forest and The Royals. Both airy collections of limited-edition chandeliers, pendants and sconces, are characterized by integral light sources, sculptural silhouettes and shadow effects.

Where to buy: for made-to-order pieces.

Christopher Moulder_Stag_01


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