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June 5, 2016


Mailbox 2

When Greg Kelly couldn’t find a mailbox that complemented his mid-century style home, he designed one. Now Kelly is the mastermind behind North Carolina-based Modbox.

The company: Modbox USA Inc. is based in Raleigh. The mailbox company started in 2014 with Kickstarter funding.

Designer & background: When Kelly and his family downsized from a 3,400 square-foot house to a 1,460 square-foot 1950s ranch four years ago, he became a mid-century modern enthusiast — and wanted a mailbox to match the home’s aesthetic. With no formal training, Kelly designed one inspired by mailboxes from the 1950s and 1960s. Now he has two patents: one for the mailbox, and the other for the mailbox and post combination.

The goods: A curbside mid-century modern inspired mailbox with an angled post. Also, a modern wall-mounted mailbox. A single-color curbside mailbox is $199, and the two-tone is $259. The wall-mounted mailboxes, in twelve colors, are $159.

What’s popular: The two-tone turquoise-white is the top color combination followed by the pumpkin two-tone. The solid Anodized Aluminum Effect is also popular.

Where Modbox buyers live: California (22%); Florida (10%); Texas (6%); Georgia (5%); New York and North Carolina (3%).

Where to buy:


Mailbox 4



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