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January 3, 2016

Bamboo Juice.jpg


After studying the diets and cultures of people across six continents, Atlanta native Kelley Sibley was inspired to create an organic, cold-pressed juice company in her hometown.

The company: Bamboo Juices was founded in 2013 in Atlanta. When the company partnered with Serenbe in 2014, it moved its kitchen to Palmetto. The company makes super-fresh, made-to-order juices and almond milk.

The founder & background: An Atlanta native, Sibley graduated from the University of San Diego, where she studied anthropology. In her travels and years spent abroad, she studied health and wanted to improve her own. After 15 years, Sibley returned to Atlanta and started making juices and almond milk in her mother’s kitchen. Then she met with Garnie Nygren, director of operations at Serenbe, and became business partners.

The main goods: Cold-pressed juices ($8.75 to $9.00) and almond milks ($9.50 to $10.

What’s popular: Coffee almond milk. In juices, the spinach, apple and lemon ginger and the lemon ginger.

What’s new (and next): Chai almond milk.

Where to buy: with free, next-day home delivery in the Atlanta area.


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  1. This looks good! Hope all is well. Happy New Year!


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