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October 21, 2015

Snake skin
Few women will go for skin-care products with the names like Spit Shine, Snakeskin and Grit Happens. And that’s just fine for James Rupley, the creator of Tennessee-based Otter Creek.

The company: Otter Creek, founded in Nashville in 2011, designs and formulates a line of skin-care products for outdoorsmen.

The founder: Rupley is a graduate of The Citadel (the Military College of South Carolina) and Tulane University Law School. He practiced corporate finance law in New York before moving back to Nashville to be legal counsel for Therapy Systems Inc., a cosmetic retail company. As a man working for a company that, generally speaking, caters primarily to women, he wanted to create products, such as body cleaners, shampoos and moisturizers designed specifically for men that wouldn’t need to say “for men” on the label.

Claim to fame: the company partnered with Realtree to put it camouflage patterns on some of the products. The camo patterns were designed by Georgia-based Jordan Outdoor Enterprises in Columbus.

What’s popular: The Sasq (wash) ($18), an all-in-one body wash + shampoo and Grit Happens ($18), a scrubbing body wash. Also Duck Call Primer ($7), a non-glossy lip balm.
Other favorites: Non-drying bar soaps ($6). There are four permanent soaps and some seasonal offerings. Rupley’s favorite: Bar Mexico, made with a Mexican beer and agave nectar.

What’s next: New facial cleansers and SPF products.

Where to buy: and In the Atlanta area, visit The Cosmetic Market at Avalon, 3130 Avalon Blvd., in Alpharetta.


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