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October 14, 2015

Holly Aiken
North Carolina’s Holly Aiken is known for her playful collection of retro-styled vinyl bags that are chic and sleek.

The founder & company: Aiken earned her degree in art and design at North Carolina State University. She initially made bags for friends before starting Holly Aiken Bags in 2004 in Raleigh.

The main goods: A range of totes, messengers, backpacks, wallets and small personal accessories.

Materials: Primarily made of vinyl and bold, black webbing trim accented with stripes or crisp geometric shapes.

Best sellers: Coupe (medium tote, $104); Turbo (large, side-snap tote, $148); and Blast (large wallet, $59).

Other favorites: The Auxiliary (crossbody, $108) and the Beacon (bucket, $118).

Custom too: Select any style in the line. Then choose from six patterns and more than 25 colors.

Claim to fame: The North Carolina Museum of History has acquired a selection of bags for its permanent collection as part of the History of Style in North Carolina.

What’s next: A men’s line of bags and accessories.

Where to buy: or at Stitch, Aiken’s design studio and retail shop in downtown Raleigh.




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