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Knock, knock

September 9, 2015


As the ultimate symbol of hospitality, a pineapple door knocker will make your guests feel welcome with their first knock. Especially the impressive brass pineapple door knockers from Virginia’s Jefferson Brass Company.

The company and founders: Jack and Mary Kirk Goehring, a husband and wife team, conceived the idea of Jefferson Brass in 1980, as they began designing a gift line to be made in solid brass. Jack’s love of brass began in his early years on Martha’s Vineyard, crewing on the fine sailing yachts. His collection of bronze and brass ship’s hardware sits in his office today.

The goods: Elegant candlesticks, door knockers, bookends, fireplace accessories and corporate gifts. yhst-70540369695462_2225_2422166

Materials: Each product is handmade in solid brass, using the same sand casting and finishing processes as in Revolutionary times,

Known for: The heirloom Stocking Hanger collection bought by generations of families. Designed to eliminate the need for nails and hooks, the stocking hangers have been engineered to support any amount of weight.

Best sellers: Door knockers ($90 and up), with the pineapple being the current favorite at $140; candlesticks ($54 each and up); bookends/doorstops starting at $128 each.

Other favorites: Virginia Blowpoke with a mounting hook ($108, pictured below). This fireplace tool is an American classic. It acts like a bellows to restart dwindling fires.

What’s next: A Fox Horn candlestick.

Where to buy:



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