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August 30, 2015

Little Lux

Atlanta’s John Petersen became a jewelry designer by default, rather than design after his daughter was born. Now dad and daughter have their own one-of-a-kind necklace lines.

The creators: John Peterson and his 6-year-old daughter Riley Kinnane-Petersen.

Background: After Riley was born, Petersen began collecting vintage jewelry, thinking that she might want to play dress-up one day. He scoured thrift stores, antique stores and asked friends and family for jewelry they never used. Petersen began assembling pieces and turned them into his own successful line of statement necklaces for women. As Riley grew, she eventually joined him at the dining room table in their Sandy Springs home. She learned how to tie knots, use pliers and tweezers.

The company: Atlanta-based Gunner & Lux was founded 2013. Little Lux, a collection of children’s jewelry made from neon strings, wooden beads and little totems and animals (see image below), started the next year.

The goods: Necklaces from Gunner & Lux ($79.99 to $299.99) and Little Lux ($23.99 to $40)

What’s popular: For Gunner & Lux, the one-of-a-kind necklaces along with the new Bilt & Tied line, which uses rope, wood and metal pieces. For Little Lux, animals including the Lighting Horse and Tiger Lily necklaces.

Fun requests: Little Lux necklaces for birthdays.

Where to buy: Also Barneys New York and many Atlanta retailers (check website for shops). of John Peterson’s statement necklaces (above). Find more at


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