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August 23, 2015

baseball bats
Nashville’s Jeremy Mitchell is a longtime baseball fan. His love of the game led him to step up to the plate of a new company that creates colorful, hand- painted wood bats.

The company: Mitchell Bat Co., started in 2013, in Nashville.

Background: Mitchell, a marketing major at Western Kentucky University, was asked to join a team of Nashville designers to rebrand a skateboard company: Salemtown Board Co., which also wanted to mentor and train inner-city kids. While working on this project, Mitchell (pictured below) was inspired to start his bat company and tie it a charity. He picked Major League Baseball ( A portion of the proceeds from each bat sale goes to RBI, which stands for “Reviving Baseball in Inner cities.”

The main goods: Solid maple, hand-painted baseball bats ($245).

Hot bats: No. 16 is the most popular bat. The No. 18 is the most challenging bat to paint because it features several colors.

Other favorites: Ebbets Field Flannels cap ($48); leather baseballs ($38) and Fungo baseball cards (a nine-card set is $25).

Big break: Being featured on Cool Material (, a popular shopping blog for guys, and ESPN’s 2013 Holiday Gift Guide.

Where to buy: Ask about custom colors and designs.





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