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collectible cups

June 18, 2015

Charotte Smith cups
Growing up in Mississippi, Charlotte Smith was surrounded by makers, people who didn’t head for the mall but made what they needed with what they had. It influenced her. Now Smith is a maker too.

Background: After graduating with a degree in sculpture from Mississippi State University, Smith moved to Atlanta. She joined a ceramics co-op and became fixated on creating one-of-a-find cups. In 2014, she started Charlotte Smith Studios in her downtown loft.

The goods: Ceramic porcelain cups ($22 to $60), with a clean, modern design, are hand thrown on the wheel. Some of the mostly white cups are carved afterward, and many have hand-painted designs. “The cups are all different, yet they go together,” said Smith.

What’s popular: Cups decorated with black accents are usually the first to go at shows.

Big break: Collaborating with MA (Design is Human Atlanta) on its Limited Edition collection, which also includes Atlanta-based fashion designer Megan Huntz and Sarah Green of Cord Shoes in Atlanta. For the collection, Smith designed a cup with metal accents (pictured below).

Where to buy: and at Octane Coffee’s Westside shop, 1009-B Marietta St. (



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