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light sculptures

March 3, 2015


Virginia artist Rebekah Graves creates warm, inviting spaces with her hand-crafted light sculpture.

The founder: Born on a rural farm in Virginia, Graves attended the University of Virginia and earned a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and Architecture. In her final year at college, she developed an original process of sculpting organic forms in porcelain and casting each shape using Japanese and Nepalese hand-made papers.

The company: Rebekah Graves designs and creates hand-made sculptural lighting in her studio at the McGuffey Art Center in downtown Charlottesville, Va. Her company, Rebekah Graves Lightscapes, was first developed in 2005 and provides residential and commercial lighting, as well as temporary installations for galleries and events.

The goods: Handmade pendants. Honeycomb pendant ($900); Series 5 pendant ($650); Globe pendant ($450); Drip pendant ($375); and Drop pendant ($325). Each pendant is hand-made by the artist with subtle variation. Multiples encouraged.

Materials: Porcelain, Japanese and Nepalese hand-made papers, archival pva (adhesive), hardware, and wiring for assembly.

What’s popular: The Honeycomb pendant ($900) was the first light sculpture created. It is cult classic.

Other favorites: Golden light bowls. Paper clay votives with a gold interior that provide ambient lighting throughout the home. ($25-$75)

Fun or unusual request: Created a magical lightscape installation for a designer’s birthday party in the horse stable of a historic castle on Afton Mountain in Virginia.

Big break: Representation by the Martin Nash Showroom in the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center (ADAC).

Claim to fame: Designed a custom shape and installation for a collector who also has Aqua Creations lighting in her home, a favorite line of the designer.

What’s next: A series of forged metal light cages dressed in hand-dyed silks, wall-mounted light boxes, and large-scaled installations for special events.

Where to buy: Also at Martin Nash Showroom in ADAC, 351 Peachtree Hills, Suite 308, where you (and other members of the public) can see her pieces and purchase them through the showroom’s in-house designer or a designer of your choosing.


Opal Yoga Installation

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  1. Beautiful!

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