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February 24, 2015


In recent decades, American-made caviar has made a comeback. There are several American sturgeon caviars as well as many fish roes, such as salmon, whitefish and trout. For a tasty, special-occasion treat, try the caviar from North Carolina’s Sunburst Trout Farms.

The company: Founded as Jennings Trout Farm in 1948 in Cashiers, NC. The family-owned company moved to Canton in 1963. In the early 1990s, the company changed its name to Sunburst Trout Company. In 2011, it became Sunburst Trout Farms.

The founder & owners: Dick Jennings Jr., originally from Pennsylvania, owned land and a vacation home in Cashiers. The now-90-year-old started a trout farm as a hobby, but saw a need for healthy, sustainable aquaculture. Dick’s daughter Sally Eason later became the co-owner. Now, the third generation (Wes and Ben Eason) is running the farm.

The goods: Caviar ($26.25 to $30 per ounce); trout jerky ($6.99 per pack); Fillets ($14.99 per pound); hickory smoked trout ($7.99 for 5-ounce pack); cold smoked trout ($14.99 for 4-ounce pack); and smoked trout dip ($11.49 for an 8-ounce tub).

Best sellers: Caviar, fillets, hickory smoked trout and smoked trout dip.

Fun or unusual request: When fisherman have been fishing in the river above or below the farm, but have been unlucky, they stop by the farm and ask for a whole fish to take home and show their spouses.

What’s new: The company, now the second largest trout supplier in North Carolina, is completing a new processing facility in Waynesville.

Where to buy:


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