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curve appeal

September 28, 2014



Linwood 1

Lin Babb doesn’t use a pattern to create his curvy cutting boards. The self-taught wood carver, lets the wood and its gran determine the shape of his stand-apart work.

The craftsman: Babb started wood carving about the same time he graduated from high school. After earning bachelor and master’s degrees, he taught high school physical education for 36 years. Babb retired in 2001 from teaching. But not from carving.

The company: Linwood Handcrafted is based in Central City, La, near Baton Rouge. Babb’s daughter Mattie suggested that they go in to business together. He would craft the cutting boards. She would develop the business and website. The family-owned company started last November.

The name: The artist/carpenter’s middle name is Linwood. But he is called Lin.

The goods: One-of-a-kind, handcrafted cutting boards, cracker trays and serving trays ($75 to $300), depending on the size and shape. Also small spreading knives ($25). The boards take about eight hours to make.

Materials: Walnut, cherry and cypress. Walnut is a customer favorite.

Where to buy:

P.S. For a look at Babb’s process, watch his video on the site. Also find out how to care for your board.





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