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drop anchor

September 14, 2014


For some, anchors are symbols of hope and stability. For South Carolina’s Ian Nigh, anchors are symbols of his success.

The company: Maritime Supply Co. based in the historic Taylors Mill in Greenville, SC. Started in 2012, the company makes nautical-themed bracelets and necklaces.

The founder: Nigh grew up in Greenville and has always been that guy who looks at something and says, “I can make that.” After taking various design and sculpture classes, he left college to start Maritime Supply Co.

What’s popular: One-size-fits-all Maritime Anchor bracelets ($48) feature anchors cast in silver/bronze or copper/bronze metal and adorned with a hand-finished wooden stock. The anchor is paired with a brown, hand-treated leather cord. Anchors are also available as necklaces on a subtle chain ($52).

Other shore favorites: Buoy bracelets ($15, seen below) feature hand-painted and distressed buoys on a twisted cotton rope. Bracelets are pre-shrunk and available in various sizes.

Claim to fame: South Carolina’s Delvin Choice wore the Maritime Anchor jewelry for some of his performances on NBC’s “The Voice” last season.

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  1. Linda – thanks for another great “southern find!”. My son is going to love these bracelets, yours is one of the few blogs that pop in my inbox and I get excited about reading! I dont know how you continue to discover these hidden gems, but so glad you do – I have already pinned several items from their site to my “gift” board on pinterest.

  2. Thanks so much! I really appreciate the feedback! Please let me know about any great finds you think would work with my column.

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