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farm-fresh candles

August 24, 2014


Beau Burdette is a foodie and a fan of farmers markets. He’s also the founder of Produce, a new, always-in-season candle line inspired by farm-fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs.

The company: Produce started in Charleston, SC, in January.

The founder: After moving to Charleston several years ago, Burdette teamed up with Adam Fetsch, the founder of Rewined, a company that makes wine-scented candles in repurposed wine bottles. To promote Rewined, Burdette often visited farmers’ markets, trading candles for produce. Then he had his aha moment.

Inspiration: Fresh produce and sights, sounds, colors and energy of farmers’ markets throughout the Southeast.

The goods: Hand-poured candles made with natural soy wax and premium cotton wicks. Year-round fragrances include carrot, honey, melon and radish. There are also seasonal fragrances. Summer scents are tomato, peach and corn. Candles in 9-ounce Mason-style glass jars are $24.

Best sellers: Cilantro, Kale and Melon

Other favorites. Tomato, a summer seasonal scent

What’s new: Fall and Winter fragrances, ranging from fig and sweet potato to sage and rosemary.

Popular as: Gifts for a hostess and gardener or party favors for your farm-to-table friends

Where to buy: In the Atlanta area, find Produce candles at Star Provisions, 1198 Howell Mill Road, ( and Urban Cottage, 998 North Highland Ave. ( Also at

One Comment
  1. This is the most popular, delicious, dessert-fragranced Whoopie! Cream candle can now travel light! The fresh-from-the-oven aroma is hard to resist.

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