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worth its salt

August 5, 2014



After running a taqueria in Columbia, SC, for 12 years, Suzi Sheffield was ready for a change. But the former restaurant owner and chef wasn’t hot to leave the kitchen. So the Atlanta native headed home and developed a recipe for a new product. And a successful new business.

The company: Founded in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward in 2010, Beautiful Briny Sea makes organic table salt blends. It is a member of Slow Food, Georgia Organics and The Southern Foodways Alliance.

The name: “The Beautiful Briny” was a song in the old Disney movie, “Bedknobs and Broomsticks.” The company logo is a photo of Sheffield’s father, who grew up on a South Georgia peanut farm and went to the U.S. Naval Academy, as he looks over the Pacific Ocean. The name and logo capture the spirit of the company: integrity with a dash of playfulness.

The goods: Currently, 10 flavors of handmade salts, including rosemary, truffle, pink peppercorn and lavender. A stylish, four-ounce tin of salt is $7 to $8. A three-ounce tin of truffle salt is $20 to $24. The hand-harvested salts are blended with organic spices and fresh, locally grown herbs.

What’s hot: French Picnic (Dijon mustard and herbs) and Campfire (smoked salt, sumac, chili pepper blend and cumin) are seasonal best sellers. Truffle and Magic Unicorn (smoked paprika, garlic, rosemary, and celery seed) are popular year-round.

Other favorites: Friends Forever (honey) has a cult following.

Up next: A turkey brine, plus a sweet and spicy line of organic cane sugar blends.

Where to buy: In the Atlanta area, find salts at various locations of The Cook’s Warehouse ( and at The Beehive, 1250 Caroline St. NE ( Also at






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