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May 5, 2014



Sifting through boxes of buttons in her grandmother’s sewing room, Louisiana’s Susan Davis spied a pair of vintage glass buttons. The LSU grad told her 95-year-old grandmother that the sparkly buttons would make beautiful earrings.

That was 1985. Now, 29 years later, Davis and her company, Grandmother’s Buttons, are selling jewelry created with antique and vintage buttons to some 800 stores and boutiques nationwide.

Davis’ studio is housed on the second floor of a 1905 bank building in her tiny hometown of Francisville. The historic building also features the company’s retail store and a button museum.

Overall, the company’s best sellers are the picture and initial charms, created using pearl buttons that were handmade from Mississippi River mussel shells in the mid-20th century.

But Grandmother’s Buttons may be better known for its necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings, created with Victorian buttons (which were once collected as a hobby) dating from 1880 to 1900. Davis mixes these rare buttons with a carefully curated selection of beads, vintage glass cabochons, brass stampings and chains to create a line that appeals to variety of ages.

Prices for the pearl charms range from $18 to $21. Necklaces and bracelets range from $36 to $125. Earrings are $21 to $53. A sterling silver ring set with a button that is at least 100 years old, sells for $84 and up.

In the Atlanta area, find Grandmother’s Buttons at Steve McKenzie’s, 996 Huff Road NW ( or visit its booth at the Country Living Fair in Stone Mountain Park Oc. 24 to 26.

You can always shop at



P.S. The four crystal necklaces (in the top image) are $68 each. They are made with brass chain, Czech beads and rhinestones, and one actual antique button, circa 1880-1900.
The crystal necklace on the model is $110. It  features beautiful Czech crystals with one antique button (circa 1880-1900) in the center.  The crystal chandelier earrings are $36.
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