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fun with felt

March 5, 2014




Helen Greenstein is a fan of felt. Now. But for many years she was not aware of its use in art. But after the college-trained artist and sculptor found a book at Urban Outfitters on how to make felt stuffed animals, she was hooked.

In 2008, the Greece-born artist took the next step and started Eleni (Helen in Greek) Creative.

In her home studio in Atlanta, Greenstein creates modern, hand-stitched felt art. Drawn to felt’s bold, simple colors, Greenstein likes how structural the soft yet sturdy textile can be. It is fine art you can squeeze, she likes to say.

The flying pigs’ mobile ($325 & above) is popular with new parents. And dog owners like her custom dog sculptures ($130, pictured below).

Recently, Greenstein’s dolls have drawn attention. Based on photos and your personalization requests, the 10-to-12-inch dolls ($275) can be made to resemble whomever you like.

Details, such as belts, eye glasses, hair and eye color, make the difference. (Some of the details are pictured below)

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