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In the clutch

October 7, 2013



Growing up in Virginia, Libby Ganong was always “that girl in the corner creating something.” Sewing, weaving and woodworking were some of her hobbies.

After graduating from University of Virginia, Ganong moved to Charleston, SC, to join the lively art scene.

In 2009, the self-taught designer started Add Libb Designs. 

Ganong makes various styles of statement handbags, ranging from clutches to totes.

Made from durable upholstery fabric, the hand-made bags are sturdy and thoroughly modern. Some of the purses also feature unique accents and handles fashioned from a variety of materials, including leather, metal and stones. And by adding a chain, any of the bags can become a shoulder bag.

Because of the wide selection, accented clutches are favorites. Available in various styles, the colorful clutches ($86 to $94) feature unique stitching techniques, hand-dyed leather backdrops and vintage or limited-edition accents.

Another popular design is the silver-handle tote ($96). Versatile and classy, the roomy tote is sized right for your essentials.

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