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heavy metal

August 20, 2013

JP table

As a craftsman, John-Patrick McChesney may be genetically predisposed to his line of work.

His great-grandfather built churches in Tennessee. His grandfather built cars at General Motors after the war. And his father was in the Hells Angels and built motorcycles. McChesney, who grew up in Roswell, GA,  learned from all of them.

Since 2007, the self-taught metal artist has worked full time, creating tables and home accessories in his Atlanta workshop.

McChesney’s industrial-style, metal furniture is a mix of tough and beauty. It’s a style he calls industro-linear.

His popular tables feature tops with deep reds, turquoises and shades of white, colors inspired by the Caribbean, where McChesney once lived.

Tables, including coffee, console and dining tables, range from $800 to $3,000. But he creates other home accents, including stools ($305 to $600) and vintage sign art ($500 to $1,750). I love his sculpted chairs ($400 to $500) made from reclaimed oil drums (pictured below). The drum chairs are comfy — and oh-so-cute.

See some of his work at Paris on Ponce, 716 Ponce de Leon Place, Atlanta,

To commission a piece for your home, conference room or restaurant, like many do, visit or call 404-202-5517.

Also find a few of his limited-edition pieces, including wall art and tables, at Fay Gold’s new gallery in the Westside Cultural Arts Center, 997 Brady Ave. (at 10th street), in Atlanta.




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