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tree-hugging art

April 11, 2013

Bird Vases

Tania Julian wanted to be a painter. But after a friend introduced her to pottery, the Art Institute of Atlanta grad switched her focus.

In 2004, Julian joined Cabbagetown Clay and Glass Works, an artist-run cooperative in Atlanta. She also started doing wall installations in high-end hotels for Soho Myriad, an art consulting company with offices in Atlanta.

Her handmade mugs are must-haves for coffee and tea drinkers. The white stoneware mugs ($32, pictured below) feature animal and nature scenes. There are also other table pieces, such as pitcher (below), creamer and sugar bowl.

Also popular are the hand-built tree-hugger vases — with or without red lovebirds, pictured above. The vases get their texture from a tree bark. After rolling out the slab, Julian presses the wet clay against it. Available in various sizes, the vases range from $26 to $32.

At a recent show I attended, I saw a couple of buyers walking off with her angels (below). I would like a trio or more of her wall hangings (below).

Visit or the co-op at 588 Woodward Ave., in Atlanta’s Grant Park area.

For information on the coop, check

golden mug

pig pitcher


wall hanging2

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