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March 7, 2013


Last year wrote about the Florida-based Karen Robertson Collection. Her Ponte Vedra Beach company is a great source for marine-life inspired and nautical theme decor.

A favorite among interior designers and upscale retailers, Robertson’s artwork is consistently featured in shelter magazines, homes and luxury resorts.

Robertson’s most popular artwork, the 24 x 24″ Sea Fan, is legendary (below). Based on the many requests for an enlarged Sea Fan,  she has added a 30-inch by 30-inch size. It is available in our silver acid-washed or 31 x 31″ white frame.

But her new collection of hand-crafted shell flowers (pictured above) is not to be missed. Single-stem flowers include Cay Cay Shell Ranunculus and  Baby Clamshell Hydrangea.

Or consider the succulents in a rustic, terra cotta container.  Pictured below are, from left:  the Bullet Shell,  Triple Ark Shell, Tusk Shell and the Heart Shell succulent on the right.

For information, visit

sea fan


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