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November 19, 2012

After receiving a sewing machine as a birthday gift, Hicks taught herself to sew.

The stay-at-home mom with a finance background first made dresses for her daughters. Then Hicks began selling dresses to a local boutique under the clothing label Grace and London, after her two daughters.

One day, as she was about to serve a bowl of macaroni and cheese to her young daughter, Hicks did what many moms do. She covered the chair with a towel to catch spills and prevent stains.

She thought that there must be a more stylish and functional way to protect kitchen and dining room chairs.

Until 2011, Hicks made Chair Aprons by hand at her home in Davidson, NC. But when she could not keep up with the demand, Hicks turned for help to the once thriving textile community in nearby Lincolnton.

The company offers seven cotton prints, four solid linen colors and a King Street collection, which offers neutral and solid chair covers with a two-inch border in 20 colors.

The popular solid linen covers have a built-in stain repellant. And with adjustable ties and a removable back skirt, the Chair Aprons adjust to fit a variety for chairs.

Not just for messy eaters at holidays or any day, Chair Aprons also can be used enhance the appearance of dining room or side chairs. Prices range from $28 to $42.

To order, visit At the site, you can also find stores in the Atlanta metro area that carry Chair Aprons.

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