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July 27, 2012

Kyle Hinton doesn’t have a beard. But his company makes a popular oil for men who do.

The Prospector Co. also creates small batches of all-natural shaving cream, shaving oil and after-shave for the modern man.

The Savannah-based company, which started last summer, is a family affair.

Hinton’s mother creates the fresh, good-for-your-face formulas. Kyle, a SCAD grad who worked in advertising in New York, handles the simple and handsome packing design — and the clever marketing.

Every product is named for a figure in history.

With its woodsy, earthy scent, the Burroughs Beard Oil ($28; above) is named after John Burroughs, an American naturalist. In addition to smelling great, the oils help moisturize the skin and hair follicles.

The crisp K.C Atwood Aftershave ($18; below) gets its name from citrus pioneer Kimball Chase Atwood.

Newer products, such as Gabardine 1897 and Cedar St. Tavern, are created from an age-old perfumer’s technique and come in an aluminum spray bottle ($32).

Visit If you are in the Savannah area, drop by the shop at 320 W. Broughton St.

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