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woks with wow

June 13, 2012

Encouraged by friends, Scott Shelton started a business last fall giving old farm equipment new life.

Taking discarded disc pans from farm cultivators in southwest Georgia, Shelton repurposes them for cooking. He then sells the recycled pans under the company name: Lazarus Woks.

Made of high-carbon steel, the pans conduct and hold heat well. Use them for cooking or in your home décor, said Shelton, who smooths and polishes the pans in his East Cobb home.

Smaller woks (14 to 17 inches) are sized right for indoor cooking, like stir-fry dishes. Larger sizes (20 to 20 inches) are great for the grill, said Shelton, who likes to cook.

Woks range from $60 to $150.

Find them at Atlanta-area Cook’s Warehouse stores and at Hal’s Kitchen ( in Sandy Springs.

To learn more, visit LazarusWoks on facebook.


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