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June 11, 2012

Jim Chasteen and Charlie Thompson are whiskey lovers and friends who met at the University of Georgia.

After developing careers in real estate and finance, they decided to create their own brand of craft whiskey.

In November 2011, the Georgia gents founded Atlanta-based American Spirit Whiskey, a mixable white whiskey that can be sipped on the rocks or used to make your favorite cocktails.

Bottled in Charleston, SC, ASW uses an un-aged distillate or “white dog” from bourbon mash, ultra-filtered in small batches to remove the bite of typical un-aged whiskey.

The result is a mellow flavor and smooth finish. In its sleek bottle, the whiskey retails for $29.99.

To find out where to buy a bottle or locate a bar or restaurant where ASW is served, check

At home, try this summer cocktail called Southern Mule

In an ice-filled rocks glass, add:

2 oz. American Spirit Whiskey

1 dash Angostura bitters

0.25 lime juice

Add ginger beer to finish, and garnish with one squeezed lime slice.


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