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the male bag

June 5, 2012

Scott Hofert is a self-confessed leather junkie.

In his 20s, Hofert traveled the world for his job, visiting nearly 40 countries. Hofert was always on the hunt for a rugged but high-end leather bag, wallet or case that would fit his simple needs and weather his on-the-go lifestyle.

Eventually, Hofert decided to make his own handcrafted leather goods and start ColsenKeane in Charlotte, NC.

Named for his two young sons, ColsenKeane designs and crafts a variety of made-to-order leather products, including belts, iPad covers and bags.

For the right guy, the popular No. 4211 Limited Grunge Satchel ($995 and up) is a good choice.

With its four, heavy-duty buckles, the handmade bag (measures 17 inches by 12 inches by 8 inches) uses almost an entire hide and takes about six hours to make.

If the satchel isn’t your first choice, there are other bags ($395 and up), plus iPad sheaths ($115) and a skinny black belt ($65).


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