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September 27, 2011

The artist behind these one-of-kind belt buckles is Paul Pearman of Augusta, GA.
To make his mosaic belt buckles, Pearman combines fine gemstones with carefully selected recycled and found objects, such as shark teeth, fossils, stained glass and vintage jewelry.
The result: eye-popping art for your hips. The custom mosaic buckles come in many shapes, including best sellers like the butterfly, paisley, heart and skull and cross bone. And the metal used is all hand-forged.
Most of Pearman’s buckles, which are signed and numbered, run about $495 and up. The four buckles (above) range from $795 to $1,650.
His new skinny buckles (below) are selling out almost quicker than he can make them — to guys and girls. They look great with dresses, suits and fit a guy’s dress belt perfectly. The skinny belts start at $225.
See more of Pearman’s work at


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