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August 29, 2011

Longtime fans of Caroline’s Cakes were excited to learn that the company’s famous Seven-Layer Caramel Cake (above) landed a part in the new movie, “The Help.”

The old-fashioned cake, a Southern tradition, appears in the scene where the maids tell Skeeter they are going to help her.

But Caroline’s Cakes were popular long before the movie opened and before Kathryn Stockett’s book, “The Help,” became a best seller.

Caroline’s Cakes began 29 years ago when Caroline Ragsdale Reutter served her caramel cake at her youngest son’s christening. Word spread about the moist yellow cake with the caramel icing.

While the caramel cake ($48) is a favorite for birthdays, weddings and other special events, other top choices include the Seven-Layer Southern Chocolate ($48, below) and the Five-Layer Coconut Cloud ($48).

Born in Charleston, Reutter grew up in Lake City, SC, where Low Country life revolved around entertaining and good food at last-minute BBQs and Friday night dinners at church.

For years, Annapolis, MD, has been home to Reutter and her bakery. Now the cake queen is heading south. She is building a new bakery in Spartanburg, SC. The bakery is scheduled to open in June 2012.

To order, visit


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